The Australian Dodgeball Federation (ADF) is the peak body of Dodgeball in Australia. Our responsibility is to promote and maintain the growth of Dodgeball across all Australian states and territories.

Our focus is to unify the rules within Australia in order to promote Dodgeball as a legitimate sport that will attract talented, enthusiastic athletes at social and international level. With the assistance of our dedicated team of volunteers and members we will curate adult and youth development programs, coaching certifications, social activities and world class tournaments for the benefit of the sport and our members.

The ADF is an official member of the World DodgeBall Federation (WDBF). The WDBF is the peak international body which manages and develops Dodgeball globally since its inauguration in 2012 . The ADF has been represented at the WDBF World Championships by both Men’s and Women’s team’s since 2013.

Last year the ADF had the honour of hosting the World Championships. From October 18th – 21st Melbourne’s, State Netball and Hockey Centre was transformed as the best Dodgeballers in the world engaged in the biggest spectacle the sport has ever seen. This event set a new benchmark for the sport and has been pivotal in the advancement of Dodgeball on the international stage.

The Australian Dodgeball League (ADL) – took off in 2015 with the launch of The Victorian Dodgeball League (VDL). With the addition of The New South Wales Dodgeball League (NSWDL) in 2016, Dodgeball at a competitive level, nation wide was born. At the conclusion of each State League’s season, the top teams from each will quality for the Australian Dodgeball League Championships. For more information, visit