The Australian Dodgeball Federation (ADF) is the official Governing Body of Dodgeball within Australia. Our responsibility is to promote the growth of the sport across all Australian states and territories.

Our focus is to unify the rules and balls within Australia in order to promote Dodgeball as a legitimate sport that will attract talented athletes to represent Australia internationally.

With the assistance of our dedicated team and contacts throughout the country, we will be running development programs, tournaments, coaching certifications and social activities.

The ADF is an official member of the World DodgeBall Federation (WDBF) – the international Governing Body of Dodgeball. The WDBF manages and helps develop Dodgeball around the world and since 2012 has been running the Dodgeball World Championships. This tournament has been held in a different country each year and sees countries fly in from all over the world to compete. The ADF has sent the Australian men’s and women’s teams to compete in the 2013 and 2014 tournaments which were held in New Zealand and Hong Kong respectively.

2015 Dodgeball World Championships

Last years World Championships were held on August 14-15 in Las Vegas, USA. This year, we are proud to be hosting the World Dodgeball Federation Championships in Melbourne!

National League

The National League – Australian Dodgeball League (ADL) – was launched last year, with NSW State League also underway. At the conclusion of each State League season, the top teams from each league will quality for the Australian Dodgeball Championships. For more information, visit