The ADF is a not-for-profit organisation, so becoming a member really will help support the sport, both locally and internationally. Your membership fees will go towards some big future plans, become a member and you’ll be involved in the process!

Behind the scenes the ADF works tirelessly to make Dodgeball in Australia the best it can be. Your money will aid in the day to day running of the ADF and allow it to perform its fundamental functions of:

– Development of the sport at a grass roots level
– Coaching/Officials accreditation
– Selecting National Teams
– Hosting of National Championships
– Supporting our Athletes at the World Championships
– Developing better administrative practices and associated admin costs
– Running Youth Development Programs
– Broadening Dodgeball in Schools and Universities
– Developing rules
– Safeguarding the spirit of the game

ADF members will be invited to exclusive events throughout the year, including the Annual General Meeting where they will be given opportunities to grow the sport in Australia as well as give back to the community.

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